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The Truth Behind Make Money Schemes Online

Welcome to my blog, a comprehensive and objective review of “Make Money” Schemes currently available on the Internet. Its aim is to provide people with an unbiased, well-researched and thoughtful opinion of the various money-making schemes currently available online.

I have spent over 2 years researching and experimenting with the various online make-money schemes and would like to offer my views on them to anyone who is considering spending time and money on them. I have spent over $2000 buying such info on the Internet and spent over 2,000 hours of my evenings and weekends putting them into practice, all with mixed results.

So are you interested in making some money online? And you are not sure whether the scheme(s) you are interested in are scams or genuine? If this is so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, you will find

  • What each of the schemes marketed entail – and yes, this includes information that they do not tell you about. Where it’s useless, you will be told it’s useless;

  • How much effort investment, in both time and money, does each scheme involve – let’s face it. All schemes will NOT fit everyone’s skills, lifestyle and financial goals. Some require 30 hours of work a week, some only 3 hours a week;

  • What are the realistic earnings for the new, inexperienced starter;

  • Other people’s assessments of the various schemes and their comments on the opinions given (see “Forum” section). If you are moved to comment on a particular scheme or share your ideas, feel free to use the Forum.

  • Some schemes that I have carefully selected as “best in class” for that category, having purchased, used and assessed dozens of schemes in most of them. If you feel that this particular scheme suits YOU (and only YOU can decide that), click on the link provided to read more about and purchase; Where I have not provided any “best in class” link (i.e. under the Sex category), it means that I do NOT recommend any products in that category;

Remember though, only YOU can decide whether a scheme is for you. If you make a wrong decision, you WILL LOSE SOME MONEY AND EFFORT. If this site lets you make a more informed decision, then it’s been worth your effort and my effort.

About Me

My name is Ashwin. I am 30 years old and live in London, United Kingdom. I graduated in economics from Cambridge University and went on to qualify as a chartered accountant. Today, I still have a day job as a Senior Financial Analyst in a major Oil & Gas company and have previously held various blue-chip positions.

Why do I hold on to my day job? There are 2 reasons for this:

  • Money does not buy everything in life. I think that most people would not be as happy as they think if they landed a large sum of money or a regular income for nothing. Career prospects, job profile, intellectual challenge and fun also do matter in life at all levels.

  • It’s not worth risking everything on internet income. Remember the dotcom crash in 2000-01? Whilst unlikely, such an event may always occur. And I would extend this advice to YOU too. Do not substitute any money-making schemes for the more traditional ways of achieving any financial goals. Work harder, cut down on spending, refinance your debts. Treat internet income as a bonus – don’t rely on it to pay your rent or your mortgage!

Is there money to be made on the Internet?

The short answer is YES. There are no “ifs” or “buts”. There are thousands of people out there making money online. Just consider the following factors to reinforce this view:

  • Google today is worth over $140 billion. And most of its revenue comes from internet advertising;

  • “…the vast roll-out of broadband, which they claim has finally made the age-old promise of the internet - fast, cheap, universal connections - a reality.

  • Online retailers are now seen as retailers, not as 'dotcoms'. And a new range of businesses selling downloadable products and services is taking off.” (, 8 November 2006);

  • People are now more accustomed to the idea of paying with their credit/debit card online. This is due to several reasons:
    - The growth of card payments as a replacement for cash and check;

    - The growth of Payment Services Companies such as Paypal, Nochex that go at lengths to keep your card details safe;

    - Better fraud prevention and fraud detection techniques online. Did you know that it is safer to pay online with your card than to hand your card to a waiter in a restaurant who then goes away and swipes it? You are more exposed to fraud in that restaurant – FACT!

However, if there is one lesson that I want you to take away from this website, it is the following:

You will come across many, many schemes where people claim to be making thousands of dollars every day using their particular techniques. And they propose to share these techniques with you for, say, $30. The realities are that:

  • It’s true, they do earn thousands of dollars every day as evidenced by their scanned copies of bank or Paypal statements;

  • Their technique is actually useless – they make these thousands from selling the information to people like YOU AND I!!!!

You need to be really, really careful of such schemes. This is the hidden fact that they never tell you. And why should they? They would be out of business otherwise.

I am currently in the process of writing my reviews on the following. The links I have put on to some keywords are for illustration only and I would urge you not to buy any of these products until you have read my reviews in the other blogs I have under

I look forward to your comments on my reviews too.

Another blog that, in my view, has a wealth of information on these matters is

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