Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Make Money From Football

I fondly remember those days when I tried to make money from football back in my University days. I thought I could combine my passion for the sport with my interest in making some money on the side.

I've had mixed results - I still think that I can "read" a football match in-running better than the average person. And it's fair to say that I made more money than what I lost.

However, I would not recommend anyone to bet on football. There is far too much uncertainty in a football match. If you are getting some buzz out of it, fair enough. But do NOT see it as a means of getting a guaranteed income.

As Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Manager and keen racing fan states, "never trust a football match, it's a funny old game".

Instead, I've found another way of making money from football completely risk-free. It will NOT get you rich but will fetch a few hundred dollars risk-free.

It works as follows:

1. Telephone the Merchandise Shop of a big football club (we are only talking of the ilk of Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal). You will find their number easily from their website;

2. Tell them that you would like to buy a signed football shirt from a specific player - normally, go for the much loved players, e.g. Steven Gerrard, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham;

3. The answer is more likely to be a "No". INSIST! Tell them that you really want it (either because you are a life-long fan, or that it would be your little brother's dream come true, or simply that you are an avid collector of football memorablia);

4. If the answer is still a no, ASK THEM WHAT PLAYER CAN THEY GET A SIGNED SHIRT FROM. Many people would love to buy football memorablia from top players who are not as loved as David Beckham, e.g. Paul Scholes, Ashley Cole, Peter Crouch etc.

5. BUY THE SHIRT THEY OFFER YOU. They will sell it to you for the cost of the shirt;

6. Now, guess what, sell the shirt on Ebay!

Read my blog on Make Money From Ebay to get the best advice. Essentially, if you take a good picture of the signed shirt, put the name of the player in the auction title and put a good description, you will sell the shirt for MUCH MORE THAN THE COST. For example, you will get a signed Wayne Rooney shirt from Manchester United Merchandise Shop for no more than £40. And these consistently sell for over £100 each on Ebay!!

You can repeat this process on and on. You do not have anything to lose. At worst, you will only be refused the football memorablia.

You can even apply this technique for signed autographs. Get a signed autograph from, say, Jose Mourinho. IF YOU WRITE TO CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUB, YOU WILL GET A SIGNED POSTCARD FROM JOSE MOURINHO IF YOU ASK FOR IT.


As you can see, this technique will not get you rich, but you can make some decent profits every season from football memorablia.

Email me at pinoop411@gmail.com if you have any thoughts on this.

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