Friday, 17 November 2006

Be very careful of the make money items on Google Adwords. See why!

I have found the following article in another internet forum. It is really good - and I endorse it in every way.

Essentially, this reiterates the comment I made about Google Adwords - the tool that you will inevitably use if you want to market make money schemes.

Google Adwords, whilst revolutionary, is expensive for make money items.

I once spent $1,200 in one month only to generate $150 of sales.

I now market make money items on the cheap - i.e. without using Google Adwords. There are some affiliate links in the articles I post in my blog.

Instead, you are much, much better off making money in the short term on eBay. If you want to market make money items, make sure that you are not spending a fortune and you are not looking for a quick buck.

I carry on marketing make money schemes because 1. I want to share my experience of these with others and 2. I am passionate about it.



There are a number good reasons why you should not go into the make money market. Below, I will give you ten of the more important reasons.

1. Your competition is highly skilled. If you think it is easy to compete in the make money market, think again. Your competition has mastered the art of selling, which means he or she will be an extremely tough competitor.

2. Other markets offer less resistance. The make money market is highly oversatured with sellers. For this reason, it is tough to claim decent positions on search engines. This is not so with all niches.

3. The learning curve is high if you're inexperienced selling make money products. Since your ability to train people to sell will be directly dependent on your ability to sell to them, many people will be reluctant to buy from you unless your presentation is far beyond average.

4. Even if you sell within the make money market, your target audience should be small, not large. You want to find a specific group that can be matched to a specific product you will produce or have already produced.

5. Other products are easier to market. When it comes down to it, people are highly suspicious of any type of make money product or service. If you're selling something else to them, chances are that they will be considerably less likely to worry that you are trying to rip them off.

6. Buyers in the make money market may be more likely to return products, as they perceive sellers to have tricked them if they do not succeed in making money with the product (which they usually don't, no matter how good it is).

7. Buyers wont judge your product on how it should be presented according to protocol that is normally used for make money products. Instead, they will look at the list of features you have provided.

8. You're better off in the long run if you pursue a field in which you are interested, rather than simply a make money field. If you don't have any serious interest in your product, you will more than likely do a poor job creating and marketin it.

9. Other markets can often be more profitable. Even though you've heard about those million dollar days, there are other industries which can be just as profitable, provided that you spend the time to select the right one and to cultivate profits.

10. If you don't have a background in making money with some specific system, you may be better off creating a book or product on some area in which you have specific expertise.To reiterate, there are many business models you can create; however, a business model that caters to the make money crowd is almost always a mistake.

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