Sunday, 21 January 2007

Make Money From Adsense - Truth or Myth?

If you have been seriously researching online money-making opportunities, you will no doubt have come across Google Adsense and how you can make money from it.

Before we proceed though, it is appropriate to give the following warning.

Google Adsense is only applicable to you if you have your own website. If you are looking to make money by driving traffic to other people's websites (e.g. with Google Adwords and Clickbank), Google Adsense is not applicable to you.

What is Google Adsense? Put simply, it is a mirror image of Google Adwords. Just like you pay Google to drive traffic to a website, Google pays you if someone clicks on an Adsense advert from your site. Why? Because someone (now referred to as a "publisher") has paid Google Adwords to advertise for its link on your site. So if one of your visitors clicked on that advert, Google has made money thanks to you and therefore gives you a cut.

Again, this sounds like magic, free money. And many people now advertise on the Internet how to make loads of money through Google Adsense. Should you believe them? No, not until you have read the rest of this article.

I would recommend anyone who owns a website to open a Google Adsense account. I have, and you are seeing Adsense adverts right now on this page. If you click on any one of them, Google will pay me some money at the end of the month by check.

But this does not, and will never mean, that I will earn a living with Google Adsense. It is only one of the many residual incomes I intend to build, and so should you if you are serious about making money.

Here is the advice I will give you on money-making opportunities from Google Adsense:

1. Never take it as your main source of income. Either your business will never prosper, or you will soon be running a loss;

2. Even more importantly, do not expect to make money from Google Adsense by driving traffic to your website using Google Adwords! The logic for this is simple - Google only gives you a fraction of the money it has earned. It would be silly to pay Google 20 cents on Adwords and earn 5 cents on Adsense in doing so.

3. Unless you have a website that attracts thousands of quality visitors every day (such as, you will only earn a few dollars, or maybe less, a day from Google Adsense. Bear this well in mind!!

4. Once you have put Google Adsense on your website, the temptation is there for you and your friends to be clicking many times on these adverts with a view to making money for yourself. Google calls these clicks "invalid clicks". And Google tracks such invalid clicks. Not only is it unfair on the publisher who is paying Google Adwords, but Google will identify such invalid clicks within days and close your Google Adsense account. It really is not worth it, so do not even try it;

5. Do not entice anyone to click on your Adsense adverts by explicitly requesting them to do so on your website. Again, Google will track this and close your account.

6. There are some Adsense keywords that pay more than others - it's all a matter of how much publishers are prepared to pay for these keywords on Google Adwords. So keywords such as "multiple scelerosis", "Asbestos", "Breat Cancer", "Make Money", "Ebay", "Satellite Navigation System", "Digital Camera", "Debt Consolidation", "IVA" etc. will pay more on Adsense;

7. Do not put Adsense on your website if its content relates to matters such as porn or gambling. Google does not like that and may refuse to open your Adsense Account;

8. Given all of this, the best way to earn a small residual income (that should never be your main income) using Google Adsense is to drive free traffic to your website. This can be done through several ways, e.g. word-of-mouth, blogging on other relevant sites and leaving your website link on them, inviting other people to put their relevant website links onto your website, driving traffic to someone else's website and asking them to do the same to you. If you are interested in doing so with me, please contact me and we can discuss;

Altogether, remember that Google loves relevant content and will pay you more the better quality traffic it gets and the more it earns for the keywords it got paid from on Google Adwords. But any form of abuse will result in your account cancelled. Google, like Ebay and Paypal, is a multi-billion dollar business. It will spend millions of dollars in preventing, detecting and removing abuse.

Here is a selection of useful ebooks about Google Adsense. If you are serious about boosting your income through Adsense, just like with Google Adwords, it is definitely worth spending some money as an investment in order to learn more about it and earn more. Also, it will reduce the time you spend learning about Adsense "on the job".

1. Keyword Elite: An expensive ebook but great content, advice and layout for both Google Adwords and Google Adsense;

2. Wordpress Adsense System: This is mainly about optimizing your revenue from Google Adsense on your website;

3. Article A great ebook that explains how to drive traffic to your website once you have your own site or blog and have opened your Adsense Account.

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